Grandma’s Attic

By Kriti Hooja

I’ve always been wondering what’s in Grandma’s attic. She has never let anyone in. Last week, Grandma wasn’t keeping well. She called me, “Sarah, come here!” I dashed into her room as she continued, “could you please fetch me a book labelled A LOVELY STORY from my attic? I’d like narrating it to you. There would be a mammoth book shelf on which would be kept the book in the topmost shelf. Take this key.” She handed me the key to her attic. I rushed to the attic floor, where were many attics. I opened Grandma’s attic which was pretty dark and dull, with no bulb. I took out my pocket watch to light my way.

At the very entrance, there were several cartons labelled, ‘ZAMBIA’, ‘ZIMBABWE’, ‘KENYA’, ‘MALAWI’, ‘ENGLAND’, ‘FRANCE’, ‘NEW ZEALAND’, ‘CANADA’, ‘SPAIN’, ‘TURKEY’, and many more. Out of curiosity, I opened one and found souvenirs like Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty. Grandma was perhaps very fond of travelling!

Suddenly, I tumbled over a box labelled ‘JEWELLERY’. I opened it. It was filled with gold, diamond, rubies, emerald and colourful crystals.

Beside this, was kept a Ballerina on a stage. I turned the key and it danced gracefully.

Then, there was a shelf. It wasn’t a bookshelf. It had many framed pictures. I saw that they were all mine- from my birth till present. All the cards I gave Grandma were also there.

I toppled over another carton labelled ‘MEMORIES (They included those of my Grandpa). I opened it and there were all the gifts given by Grandpa to Grandma.

At last! After tripping over a hundreds of boxes, I saw a humongous book shelf. I had a breath of relief seeing a monstrous, dull brown book labelled ‘A LOVELY STORY’. I jumped and caught hold of it. I rushed out of the attic, making sure that I locked the door firmly, towards Grandma’s room. “Why did you take so long?” asked Grandma. I narrated the whole story to her and now, I know why she didn’t let us in GRANDMA’S ATTIC.

Author: Expressalite

We are 2 friends who teamed up and combined our interests to form a mix flavoured blog..including poems,stories,arts,fashion blogs,tips,articles and what not!

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