The Dream


By Vedika Gupta

Sitting on a casement,I wondered perplexed and drowned in my thoughts,how life is?…Is it true that a god exists or is it just scientific?..Nah..Science is so boring what’s the point of thinking so much..I thought and thought,it had been an hour now after I had woken up but I didn’t go outside in the hall,it was too early after all. .only 6 pm?..I wanted some time alone and think in front of the nature …Is think I was expecting some signs all along the time when I was surprised to see the continous changing shapes of clouds..It depicted something that looked like a big statue from which rays were emitting and it’s hands looked as if it was granting something to someone who was kneeled on the ground and not looking up..Then he stood up and wings sprouted from its back..The cloud has once more turned to normal shape and in a microsecond it represented something like a barren land and the winged man stood there and it looked as if it sowed the seeds and in a split second large plants grew there and then a sea of animals who rose gradually from underwater to ground..Then the winged man cast me a look and swayed his hands in a order and two people arose ..I think they were probably Adam and Eve and soon a whole world had grown there..To my delightment I had the answers ..I didn’t really care if that was true or my imagination that I saw,It just had been great getting answers from nature when nobody knew the truth and I think it was the same as the dream I saw today and it was probably saved for good vibes and memories in the graceful dream catcher designed by me hung on the ceiling..My mother was already banging on the door probably thinking that I am still fast asleep but I didn’t act any more and rushed to open the door,I thought that I had some questions to ask her and pulled her inside..Her first statement was how could I have woken up so early , avoiding her questions ,my mouth burst open with questions directly shooting at her..She tried to calm me and explained me in the same way the nature had…
From that single day I have been waking up early to ask more questions eagerly to the nature still in hope of getting answered..I really miss the dream of the building of Earth..The most great thing about this has been that as per me I am the first one to be answered by clouds and I think that’s why everyone calls me special..


#inspired from the article ‘Why cloud watching is interesting?'(expressalite)

Author: Expressalite

We are 2 friends who teamed up and combined our interests to form a mix flavoured blog..including poems,stories,arts,fashion blogs,tips,articles and what not!

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