Disney v/s HP

By Kriti Hooja

If you’re asked…

Are you a Disney fan?

Are you a Potterhead?

(You’d know that if you are)

And then you’re asked…

Which ONE would you choose?

Its a good question though.

Disney has got series for everybody- Marvel:Avengers, Disney:Princess, Disney:Pixar, and a lot lot more… Though it might sound childish to speak of films like Cinderella, exceptionally the selective movies after Mulan. Taking Harry Potter, it is for all ages. From little kids to big adults, its made for all. Plus, it encourages kids to read more (the character of Hermione Granger).

Did you ever see- Disney is one of the oldest animated filmmakers! Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs was made in 1937!! Well, Harry Potter has been going on just since 1997!! 😀

That’s no reason though for one to like Disney more or HP more 😛 Everyone has their own preferences!

Harry Potter and Disney are two very diverse topics! Hmm..

This was a super hard question to answer but a good reasoning one!


🙂 🙂


Author: Expressalite

We are 2 friends who teamed up and combined our interests to form a mix flavoured blog..including poems,stories,arts,fashion blogs,tips,articles and what not!

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