Movie or what?


By Vedika Gupta

There I heard a knock on my door, afraid to open the door as my parents were out of town. I stood up from my comfy sofa and moved swiftly to see who was there . Through the peephole , I saw to my relief and surprise my apartment amigo, one of my constants.We have always played together though there have been consequences,we never were apart. I opened the door instantly  and by the time I said anything she had already settled herself on my favoured sofa.

She had already started speaking about the day’s plans because of the absence of my parents and she was already a teen so, she often roamed on her own. I was not allowed outside my home as my parents gave me a boring lecture about safety and security and blah and blah so, we stayed at my home sweet home ❤ and decided to order 2 medium pan pizzas with extra cheese and veggies(Capsicum in abundance) and I had already downloaded the best movies(Despicable me 2,Big hero 6,Intern,Princess diaries, Lara croft) for a fun-filled and eating deliciously made in oven popcorn(lol) movie marathon.

I just ticked on my checklist:

  • Pizza
  • Movies downloaded
  • Popcorn
  • Pendrive inserted
  • Selfie camera (of course)


Everything was done, except getting in our blankets and getting cozy .`oh no!’ shouted kat(thats what I call her)

‘We didn’t get caramel popcorn,I am going to buy one’

‘No wait, I am coming too’ and we set off..I didn’t really think once before leaving the house,not even once!!

We took our cycles and left for the nearby local mart.As you all know how we are ,so we actually spent an hour

Buying candies and bubblegums(I am still practicing though).I bought my favourite tootsies and starbursts whereas she bought all snacks and stuff and we paid almost rupees 400 and left.When we returned,the house was a mess. As I said to give a hint that I didn’t check even once! the microwave was burning and the popcorn was scattered on the floor.

Then?Then what , it was only an hour to 5 and my parents could return any moment. I literally felt like I was in the movie ‘Adventures in Babysitting’..

We both started cleaning up as fast as we ever had and as determined as we ever have been . Kat got a mop and something I don’t know what it is called to clean up the cheese and popcorn while I on the other hand opened the door and windows to let the steam coming from the microwave out to blend in the fresh air. Almost everything was done when I noticed my fridge had been open for hours and rushed to close it. What is left now?I thought loudly but it looked as if everything was done.So, we both settled down again and Started watching the movie ‘Adventures…babysitting’

It was the greatest coincidence I have ever had with any movie

Author: Expressalite

We are 2 friends who teamed up and combined our interests to form a mix flavoured blog..including poems,stories,arts,fashion blogs,tips,articles and what not!

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