Fall Disaster 2018

By Vedika..

Fall is here and we all were excited for our back to school outfits but oh! The disaster.I watched the coverage of some fashion shows and neon animal prints are back in style..unbelievable.. Here are some photos from Tom Ford collection at NYFW 2018..

2018-09-11 17.56.11.png

Not sure how this looks to you but to me, it inculcates a Cheetah Girls feeling which is not very preferable at this time of fall..Though seeing that it has been brought in trend by some of the top designers, we have no choice but to continue this trend..now to actually give out a bolder style statement, I have come up with some ways to style this animal print and some ways not to..

The ways in which you should:

  1. Shoes- Leopard print heels with a bolder outfit (Black suits , Dark colored dresses) and smoky makeup would really bring you out. It would be like wearing a trend that in bulk is just ugly but wearing it with some swag that really shows ur confidence.
  2.  Style a leather zebra print coat with a descent white shirt will be perfect for ur formal places and don’t forget a pair of heels😅..Literally if you wear a coat without heels,it’s kind of useless unless you want to give a more sincere and disciplined kind of feeling.Remember heels are for intimidating .

3.Not sure about this one but is based on the main trend which is neon animal print..As shown in the above collection it is not going well except it kind of works in the 3rd picture. So this is more like a neon sweater dress over a white layer..so layering is coming handy in this and so it will work out

4. Stockings will totally work..No fear in styling them..so that’s basic.

Things u should totally not do:

  1.  Don’t try wearing those animal print pants..just never..They say a different type of funk that should not be worn by us casually or formally😅..It just wierds things out and I’m not recommending it..
  2. Don’t wear 2 different type of prints together in ur coat and pant or in any outfit..Think it’s obvious but just to remind…

Okay guys ..this is it but there are more to fall trends because they just don’t end..

U will soon find out the next trend …It has many things styled together and most begin with the letter ‘s’

The suspense😂..

Author: Expressalite

We are 2 friends who teamed up and combined our interests to form a mix flavoured blog..including poems,stories,arts,fashion blogs,tips,articles and what not!

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