Fall (Style is back)

By Vedika,

Well guess, it wasn’t wholly a disaster after all (if u don’t get why I’m calling it a disaster read my ‘Fall Disaster 2018’ article. But don’t worry high class trends are coming your way.. This time it has a sprinkle of sparkle styled with suits and scarfs and even with one pieces!! Yass , finally! The fall spirits are back..This is a men-women combo style..it is for both tho there is a huge difference for styling it…

Giorgio Armani”s Fall collection..

Now this is something ,isn’t it? Formal yet sparkly ..

Though if you want a back to school, Layering a sparkly grey /black/navy blue sweater with a white cardigan (not sparkly) and a plaid scarf would be considered trendy and you will Rock at the first day at school..Don’t forget to add layered necklaces,denims (obviously) and over -the -knee leather boots..yeah u gonna rock it..

Now coming to the men’s part.. There were a few styles that I could really get the hang of and this is one of them👇

Balmain’s Men’s fall collection

It’s the spark and coat thing..Thought that spark is a little too sparkly , it can be worked out with leather shoes ,pants and a jacket with sparkle only in the pockets borders!..That would make the outfit way more cool..

And for back to school time , denims,shoes or sneakers and the jacket I just mentioned ..It will be attractive with a white tee inside..so u have to try it..


So, You guys know almost everything about the trends as per the professionals..Now let’s get casual and create our own trends that you can actually show off.

1. The easiest way to style yourself for fall is a leather jacket , a scarf,denims,boots and a cup of coffee in your hand.Right?

2.now let’s see what else can be done?..hmm.. Oh yeah! How about a solid color jumpsuit styled with a woollen cardigan (preferable hot pink) and wedges.. Pretty weird right?..But it is not..let’s bring back summer colors in the fall idea!..Ur first day of school/college in this and the next day , everyone is like you ..Awesome right!


1.Scarfs-  Don’t know why I am writing this cuz it’s obvious and a very old fall trend that never ends..but this time plaid scarfs are so working out..They are also very easy to pul off.

2.Bracelets- Now as per the clothing trends, best preferred are bangle bracelets and charm bracelets..Just so cute! Charm bracelets should be of many layers and not just one  that will make u look more of a party animal..And bangle bracelets for any outing or casuals

3.Shades-And how can we forget sunglasses. No matter what the outfit is , shades should always be cool. . Of different shapes(circular,hexagonal) and colors (blue,yellow,brown).. Brings your face out ..even if u can’t work ur outfit, ur sunglasses will work it for u!..

4. Jewellery- Earlier,  I told about layered necklaces so these will complement the charm bracelets..make sure they are thin layers and not too thick …And earrings , in trend are  chandelier and hoop earrings..or if u want to be more party or cool type then ear cuffs or ear spikes ..


This is just the start of fall


Author: Expressalite

We are 2 friends who teamed up and combined our interests to form a mix flavoured blog..including poems,stories,arts,fashion blogs,tips,articles and what not!

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