Coolest invention in history of mankind.

Many of you might not be aware of these inventions that are so cool, they will blow off your mind…These scientists or not only scientists but also commoners have invented such things that you will love to get and won’t be able to resist.. so let’s see what they are! !-

  1. Cloud Lamp- So it’s basically a hanging cloud in your room that you can use as a nightlight. Invented by Richard Clarkson,it has a motion-triggered lightning & thunder performance, as well as a music-activated visualizing speaker. As an interactive lamp and speaker system designed to mimic a thundercloud in appearance, it performs many functions which can be read in detail on Richard clarkson’s official site   ..Excited to see what it looks like? .have a look


I know! Awesome right?.

2. Incredibly flexible smartphone –  Super flexible which doesn’t break on falling . It can be turned into a gadget that can be attached to the wrist and act as a fitness tracker and smart watch.. it has not been released yet but it is soon to come..Also known as Samsung flex 2020, this incredible device comes with u flex earphones as well!!… Though samsung has not made any official anouncement in its site but is believed to be released soon. Have a look-


3. Aqua Treadmill-  It’s a pool with a moving floor on which you can walk or run..So it’s like bathing and exercising at the same time!! ..Work out without sweating a bit..You are gonna enjoy it too much..look-


So technological and digital!..

4.Nest bed – This bed designed by a duo from Israel is the comfiest bed you will ever see and can fit upto 16 little birds (humans obviously).. It blows my mind off..lookie here

2018-09-17 21.05.52.png

5. Bookmark Lamp- This is an awesome bookmark for avid readers who won’t put the book down even at night though they have to switch off the lights..This bookmark has a clear , transparent appearance which can be switched on to produce light and you can use to read at night or in darkness

2018-09-17 21.11.26

Aren’t these so cool..Don’t forget to comment which you like best..Will post more soon!!


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