This Moment

By Kriti

Just like any other, the moment drifted away,

Never had I seen such joy in the air, the trees- their sway…

My eyes blinked as the time passed by,

I could hear the melody of nature die.

Under the light blue sky as I lay,

How I wish this moment was meant to stay.

I heard the birds chirping in the silence of the day,

Just like any other moment, this one too, drifted away.

As on my face I felt the soothing breeze,

I saw the sunshine through the merry green trees.

It felt like in seconds it flew by,

The grass under my feet was no more dry.

Drops of water tickled on my face,

I watched as the droplets fell down with such grace.

I sat there as the moment drifted away,

How I wish that this moment was meant to stay…

Author: Expressalite

We are 2 friends who teamed up and combined our interests to form a mix flavoured blog..including poems,stories,arts,fashion blogs,tips,articles and what not!

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