Words of a Leading Designer

By Vedika-

In a session with Indias leading fashion designer and founder of Gurukul School  of Design ,Mr.Raghvendra Rathore enlightens us with moral values that he learned from his journey.From the town of jodhpur in Rajasthan to becoming a fashion designer

Teaching us priceless values like doing things that Contribute to the agenda of your life for
You have no boundaries in this universe and to think that you cannot compete with people who are already at the peak of their career is just stopping you from being who you were meant to be.

According to him the Glamour world is a reflection of your own agendas.You need to start imagining things that you want to do and the universe will open up

He says”I was an introvert,And to be propelled into the universe of fashion was a difficult task
I was away from india for 8 to 9 years which boldened me before I entered the glamour world when I came to delhi”
“The journalists and critics throwing opinions at you.As you go farther on the way to success there are just more and more obstacles,there are haters but you have to go through it all and try again and again”


When asked that what does he feel on the ramp and all the spotlights on him , he says
“The ramp walk is like a medicine that reassures you that u have to do it again  and again ”
His brand is synonymous with heritage and the jodhpuri culture.
Personal moment of glory for him:
Being asked to fly on the fastest plane to paris to drop fabrics before a fashion show.
Mr Valentino sitting 4 feet away and asking him to pin a skirt on a model to make it look beautiful
He forgot who he was while doing this task in front of a tycoon.His hands were trembling but it was a proud moment for him.

The difference between a designer and a artist:

“Designer is a commercial pursuit of wealth and an artist tries to showcase how they see the world through their art”

Remember that the universe will open up opportunities as soon as you work towards the agenda of your life.


Author: Expressalite

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