Some people cry
 They have their own reasons
Some people are happy outside
But broken inside
 Some are strong
Some are bold
 Some get affected by a little cold
Some would praise the little things
 Some would just ignore
 Some can laugh
Some cant even pass a smile
Some are always happy
 Some can be crappy
 In this world of some-some
How about we try to be one

A Perfect Illusion

By- Vedika

 Im not alone on this big planet
 This big universe
I see people around me everyday
Wherever I go,Everyone follows their own way
 And I think its only me,alone
 As if you are all an illusion
Maybe I am hallucinating
The bustle in the streets
The everyday hustle
People come and go
But we all are rowing the same boat
The boat of life
 I dont expect everyone to always stick around
Life is like a merry-go-round
Its gonna continue
There will be ups and downs
But we’ll get through it without frowns
We might hit an iceberg
But some part of us will always remain Safe
And there,we rebuild our life again
The cycle goes on
As long as you dont think you are alone
Because there are always people
And there are many ways one can go
And at the end of each way,there is always a pot
The pot may not have gold but it has what you need to live,support
We are often confused
Instead try to be amused
Things might be absurd
Remember, life’s like a surd
No matter how much you try,
It doesn’t simplify
But remember,at the end of each way
There will be a someone
Who will never leave you alone


By Riya Bawri


Life is like a story
With casino as the setting
Where everyone is fretting
For merely some money

Humans are the protagonists
Failure is their antagonist
Success is the plot
Available only for a particular slot

A simple loss
But everyone blames fate
Even though they know the cause
That it’s because of their own traits

Absence of luck is the only dilemma
With death as the climax.
Let mourning be the result
Be optimistic is the moral

And the End..




At this particular moment in time
The most negative is the very positive
A simple touch is the causative

I feel like a prisoner
Locked inside a room
With no visitor
Being alive through zoom

I wanna go outside
To hear the blissful tide
To enjoy my school days
And live life my ways

But here i lay
Being all so nostalgic
With hundreds of memories crisscrossing like a pathway
Of my world which was so exotic

If you are having any second thoughts
No, I am not in a dystopian world
It’s just a simple “pandemic”
Which seems like the end of the world

I Just Wish…

Before I met you,
I was a mess
Or to be fair,
A damsel in distress

My life was intense
I was unable to express
The importance of our friendsip

I just wish that I had confessed sooner
Because now I hold everything in regret

I miss every single second  of those moments

I just wish that you could have known this sooner
And I would be hugging you and not your grave

Words of a Leading Designer

By Vedika-

In a session with Indias leading fashion designer and founder of Gurukul School  of Design ,Mr.Raghvendra Rathore enlightens us with moral values that he learned from his journey.From the town of jodhpur in Rajasthan to becoming a fashion designer

Teaching us priceless values like doing things that Contribute to the agenda of your life for
You have no boundaries in this universe and to think that you cannot compete with people who are already at the peak of their career is just stopping you from being who you were meant to be.

According to him the Glamour world is a reflection of your own agendas.You need to start imagining things that you want to do and the universe will open up

He says”I was an introvert,And to be propelled into the universe of fashion was a difficult task
I was away from india for 8 to 9 years which boldened me before I entered the glamour world when I came to delhi”
“The journalists and critics throwing opinions at you.As you go farther on the way to success there are just more and more obstacles,there are haters but you have to go through it all and try again and again”


When asked that what does he feel on the ramp and all the spotlights on him , he says
“The ramp walk is like a medicine that reassures you that u have to do it again  and again ”
His brand is synonymous with heritage and the jodhpuri culture.
Personal moment of glory for him:
Being asked to fly on the fastest plane to paris to drop fabrics before a fashion show.
Mr Valentino sitting 4 feet away and asking him to pin a skirt on a model to make it look beautiful
He forgot who he was while doing this task in front of a tycoon.His hands were trembling but it was a proud moment for him.

The difference between a designer and a artist:

“Designer is a commercial pursuit of wealth and an artist tries to showcase how they see the world through their art”

Remember that the universe will open up opportunities as soon as you work towards the agenda of your life.


A Tantalizing Tale

By Vedika

My eyes stared unblinkingly on the evocative sheet,

When the tale stopped my heartbeat.

As my mind dived deeper into the touching tale of the father and daughter,

My morose spirit shine brighter.

My mind felt lost as my soul drifted into the captivating book.

The enchanting storyline enhanced the dull look.

And at last,

When his daughter held his hands,

It made all the stories fade of the fantasy dreamland.




As once more,I hear the resonance of twirling sheets,

The youthful fragment of my heart beats.

As I see those sophomores full of zeal,

I try to relive the memories sealed.

As I hear the clinking of pens and pencils striking each other,

The envelope of sealed memories opens further.

As I witness the girls’ catfights on the street side,

Recollections inside my heart flow out like tides.

There are no simple words to describe the feeling,

As my childhood glides into my dreams.

This Moment

By Kriti

Just like any other, the moment drifted away,

Never had I seen such joy in the air, the trees- their sway…

My eyes blinked as the time passed by,

I could hear the melody of nature die.

Under the light blue sky as I lay,

How I wish this moment was meant to stay.

I heard the birds chirping in the silence of the day,

Just like any other moment, this one too, drifted away.

As on my face I felt the soothing breeze,

I saw the sunshine through the merry green trees.

It felt like in seconds it flew by,

The grass under my feet was no more dry.

Drops of water tickled on my face,

I watched as the droplets fell down with such grace.

I sat there as the moment drifted away,

How I wish that this moment was meant to stay…

Coolest invention in history of mankind.

Many of you might not be aware of these inventions that are so cool, they will blow off your mind…These scientists or not only scientists but also commoners have invented such things that you will love to get and won’t be able to resist.. so let’s see what they are! !-

  1. Cloud Lamp- So it’s basically a hanging cloud in your room that you can use as a nightlight. Invented by Richard Clarkson,it has a motion-triggered lightning & thunder performance, as well as a music-activated visualizing speaker. As an interactive lamp and speaker system designed to mimic a thundercloud in appearance, it performs many functions which can be read in detail on Richard clarkson’s official site   ..Excited to see what it looks like? .have a look


I know! Awesome right?.

2. Incredibly flexible smartphone –  Super flexible which doesn’t break on falling . It can be turned into a gadget that can be attached to the wrist and act as a fitness tracker and smart watch.. it has not been released yet but it is soon to come..Also known as Samsung flex 2020, this incredible device comes with u flex earphones as well!!… Though samsung has not made any official anouncement in its site but is believed to be released soon. Have a look-


3. Aqua Treadmill-  It’s a pool with a moving floor on which you can walk or run..So it’s like bathing and exercising at the same time!! ..Work out without sweating a bit..You are gonna enjoy it too much..look-


So technological and digital!..

4.Nest bed – This bed designed by a duo from Israel is the comfiest bed you will ever see and can fit upto 16 little birds (humans obviously).. It blows my mind off..lookie here

2018-09-17 21.05.52.png

5. Bookmark Lamp- This is an awesome bookmark for avid readers who won’t put the book down even at night though they have to switch off the lights..This bookmark has a clear , transparent appearance which can be switched on to produce light and you can use to read at night or in darkness

2018-09-17 21.11.26

Aren’t these so cool..Don’t forget to comment which you like best..Will post more soon!!


New Harry Potter Books , 2018!


By Vedika

Yes!  Three new Harry Potter books will be released before Christmas 2018 and another magical journey will start..Make sure , you order them before they are sold out!

    1. Harry Potter: A pop-up guide to Hogwarts- A 3d book by Kevin M. Wilson and the pop-up engineer Matthew Reinhart. . Yes..that’s right , it’s a pop up book to give you the best experiences..It’s no ordinary book nor an ordinary movie. Expected on 21 october.. pre-order from or buy from ..They are gonna be great, as they are magical and nothing’s better than magic
    2. Harry Potter:Creature- A paper scene book – Discover the creatures of the wizarding world in stunning 3D scenes.Revisit the magic of Harry Potter through four intricate, multilayer dioramas that capture beloved moments from the films… From unicorns to hippogriffs,  it has it all! Another amazing experience for the experienced potterheads . Releases on 2nd October  ..pre-order now from or buy from

3.Harry Potter: Imagining Hogwarts- A beginner’s guide to movie making –

      A book based on the Harry Potter films to give you the basic principles and ideas of movie making..So future directors , go get it now..It teaches kids everything about a basic movie and then a chance to make it..Buy it from

       or pre-order from

    A new journey awaits potterheads..!

The Gingerbread Man

By Kriti and Vedika


I see a red nose,

I see it coming close…

There’s something that’s not on it’s place

then it punches me in the face.


I see your yellow eyes,

I love your Halloween disguise!

I feel there’s something in the air,

Now my story’s changing gear.


I can see your feet,

I don’t think they are complete

You need to add some feel

why don’t you wear some heels?

Stop, now the humor’s dying out,

Oh! The lights are out.







I see your ginger hair

Are you a Weasley? But that’s not fair

Are you a ginger? Are you a bread?  Are you a man?






6 Must-reads for potterheads!!

By Vedika

Hey potterheads! EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE ..Must reads for you are here..You are honestly gonna love them.. I am still reading my series tho I have read it 2 times(yes , Im crazy about it) but sure you guys will love more such books that appeal to your interests…Here we go!!-

1.The magicians –– This book is about a boy who attends a magic college in New York and he and his friends go on an adventure in search of a magical land but what they find is more than they bargained for..

Its about another magical journey with friends and bravery..dont forget -“Books and cleverness?..there are more important things , friendship and bravery”..

2.The Hunger games-– About a dystopic world after the apocalypse , nation of Panem attempts to maintain order and control by having an annual Hunger Games, an event in which children fight to the death until only one stands. Katniss Everdeen takes part in the games to save her sister, resulting in a awesome (horrifying) adventure..It is just like the triwizard tournament tho we dont have to use the ageing potion here😂

3.Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children- Amazing! After a domestic tragedy, Jacob travels to an abandoned orphanage,but finds the children in the room peculiar and almost alive..It has a band of children with fantastic powers saving the world, mentors who turn into animals, time travel and other sorts of transportation, the idea that you could grow up as usual and become unusual, young love and all sorts of thing that potterheads could want!..

4.Radiance– Its about a girl who travels to a faraway spot for picnic with her parents, there she gets lost(she dies) and she has 2 choices..To go into the world of the dead or remain lost..Its all about the world of the dead and has amazing story of her life as a dead person..The world is just parallel to our world except for the types of people living there..Its all about how she gets magical powers and what she does with them..Its a must read!!

5.The Mortal Instruments-  It’s a magical series except that instead of wizards, there are shadow hunters who hunt vampires and demons of all kinds..It’s about a girl called clary fray who discovers that her mother was a shadow hunter and this had been hidden from her for 12 to 13 years…It’s all about her adventures as a mortal shadowhunter and many secrets will be unveiled on the way..It is a series of 5 books and is as magical as any other..

6.Summer Camp Secrets- A collection of awesome books which has flavours of summer camp, cliques,friendship, dating, fun and many more..It is all about the best buddies living in different areas of world who reunite each year at a summer camp and pave way for their growing friendship..

You are going to love them cause they are mostly about magical world’s and adventures  with many secrets along the way!!.


How to increase the visitors on your blog??

By vedika

Talking personally as well as publicly , we always wish we had more visitors and followers and that has not happened yet . So before we move on to our topic for the day, make sure to follow us!! r gonna love it,literally. Now the ways which I am gonna write will be tried by us as well ..

  • Publicity- So, the most easiest is sharing ur blog links on ur social media accounts like on or  or ..Now u must have already done that but It was a duty to tell this even tho its the commonest things bcuz I can’t miss out a thing I know.
  • Backlinking- Use Backlinking as much as possible that is , use additional links to different sites on ur posts that increases the chance to be shown often on Google. Eg. I’m writing this blog because of Mahira cuz she told me about Backlinking. And right now i am actually publicising for her as well it is benefitting make sure that u create back links as well as  get featured in backlinks
  • Type of posts- Now what u post, use catchy titles and things like tips to rock at school, back to school hacks etc. Ur views depend on Ur matter..
  • Intervals- It also depends on how often u post..The more often Ur site updates , the more chances it has of being featured on Google on top pages.
  • Creation- Well u should know what kind of site it is..The design , the matter, the ways u entertain Ur readers..For more tips on that see-

See I am using back linking back to back😂..get that?..

Okay I’m being really unhumourous cuz my humour is very unhumourous😂..I will stop now…

  • Following- Follow as many bloggers as you can on WordPress and they might view ur site and if ur site is good then, u have a follower..congrats!!

Hoping that this helped..


Fall (Style is back)

By Vedika,

Well guess, it wasn’t wholly a disaster after all (if u don’t get why I’m calling it a disaster read my ‘Fall Disaster 2018’ article. But don’t worry high class trends are coming your way.. This time it has a sprinkle of sparkle styled with suits and scarfs and even with one pieces!! Yass , finally! The fall spirits are back..This is a men-women combo is for both tho there is a huge difference for styling it…

Giorgio Armani”s Fall collection..

Now this is something ,isn’t it? Formal yet sparkly ..

Though if you want a back to school, Layering a sparkly grey /black/navy blue sweater with a white cardigan (not sparkly) and a plaid scarf would be considered trendy and you will Rock at the first day at school..Don’t forget to add layered necklaces,denims (obviously) and over -the -knee leather boots..yeah u gonna rock it..

Now coming to the men’s part.. There were a few styles that I could really get the hang of and this is one of them👇

Balmain’s Men’s fall collection

It’s the spark and coat thing..Thought that spark is a little too sparkly , it can be worked out with leather shoes ,pants and a jacket with sparkle only in the pockets borders!..That would make the outfit way more cool..

And for back to school time , denims,shoes or sneakers and the jacket I just mentioned ..It will be attractive with a white tee u have to try it..


So, You guys know almost everything about the trends as per the professionals..Now let’s get casual and create our own trends that you can actually show off.

1. The easiest way to style yourself for fall is a leather jacket , a scarf,denims,boots and a cup of coffee in your hand.Right? let’s see what else can be done?..hmm.. Oh yeah! How about a solid color jumpsuit styled with a woollen cardigan (preferable hot pink) and wedges.. Pretty weird right?..But it is not..let’s bring back summer colors in the fall idea!..Ur first day of school/college in this and the next day , everyone is like you ..Awesome right!


1.Scarfs-  Don’t know why I am writing this cuz it’s obvious and a very old fall trend that never ends..but this time plaid scarfs are so working out..They are also very easy to pul off.

2.Bracelets- Now as per the clothing trends, best preferred are bangle bracelets and charm bracelets..Just so cute! Charm bracelets should be of many layers and not just one  that will make u look more of a party animal..And bangle bracelets for any outing or casuals

3.Shades-And how can we forget sunglasses. No matter what the outfit is , shades should always be cool. . Of different shapes(circular,hexagonal) and colors (blue,yellow,brown).. Brings your face out ..even if u can’t work ur outfit, ur sunglasses will work it for u!..

4. Jewellery- Earlier,  I told about layered necklaces so these will complement the charm bracelets..make sure they are thin layers and not too thick …And earrings , in trend are  chandelier and hoop earrings..or if u want to be more party or cool type then ear cuffs or ear spikes ..


This is just the start of fall


Fall Disaster 2018

By Vedika..

Fall is here and we all were excited for our back to school outfits but oh! The disaster.I watched the coverage of some fashion shows and neon animal prints are back in style..unbelievable.. Here are some photos from Tom Ford collection at NYFW 2018..

2018-09-11 17.56.11.png

Not sure how this looks to you but to me, it inculcates a Cheetah Girls feeling which is not very preferable at this time of fall..Though seeing that it has been brought in trend by some of the top designers, we have no choice but to continue this to actually give out a bolder style statement, I have come up with some ways to style this animal print and some ways not to..

The ways in which you should:

  1. Shoes- Leopard print heels with a bolder outfit (Black suits , Dark colored dresses) and smoky makeup would really bring you out. It would be like wearing a trend that in bulk is just ugly but wearing it with some swag that really shows ur confidence.
  2.  Style a leather zebra print coat with a descent white shirt will be perfect for ur formal places and don’t forget a pair of heels😅..Literally if you wear a coat without heels,it’s kind of useless unless you want to give a more sincere and disciplined kind of feeling.Remember heels are for intimidating .

3.Not sure about this one but is based on the main trend which is neon animal print..As shown in the above collection it is not going well except it kind of works in the 3rd picture. So this is more like a neon sweater dress over a white layering is coming handy in this and so it will work out

4. Stockings will totally work..No fear in styling that’s basic.

Things u should totally not do:

  1.  Don’t try wearing those animal print pants..just never..They say a different type of funk that should not be worn by us casually or formally😅..It just wierds things out and I’m not recommending it..
  2. Don’t wear 2 different type of prints together in ur coat and pant or in any outfit..Think it’s obvious but just to remind…

Okay guys ..this is it but there are more to fall trends because they just don’t end..

U will soon find out the next trend …It has many things styled together and most begin with the letter ‘s’

The suspense😂..

Facing Writer’s Block

By Kriti and Vedika

What to write when you seriously don’t know WHAT TO WRITE?

This is the biggest question every beginning writer needs to ask now or later.

So, here are a few ideas you could probably use to get what to write.

  1. Firstly, you SHOULD carry a small notepad along with you. Mostly because creativity and imagination are the two things that can strike anytime. Then, you could write your ideas in one place and assemble them whenever you are free!
  2. What I usually do when I’m writing my fashion articles is that I see the latest fashion shows ..well most of those that I see have absurd clothes and silly things n I’m not recommending those untrendy trends to watch the shows.. learn about the designers ..Read their blogs and then decide upon the best trend..
  3. If u think you are a good writer then a cup of coffee and a pen and diary in ur hand in front of a good sight . You will automatically start writing a poem or story..
  4. Now what else is important?? Ya right, we are currently doing article writing in our class and the topics are of the current problems like obesity n other things but to make it interesting, write about the current issues with a relation to someone popular whose life people would love to know about..that will spice up ur writing skills and intimidate the readers.
  5. In continuation to the last point ..write about the athleisure life of fit celebs or the beauty tips given by them..I swear it will get u more and more subscribers.
  6. Now though this is not about what u will write but how will u make the readers read ur article..Recently in a YouTube video I saw that they used a title like ‘Hair disaster ‘ so that people watch that video but in reality there was nothing like it..Don’t do that exactly but use a catchy title and the context should be similar obviously ..
  7. Continuing, My fashion articles always have a catchy title like ‘teal appeal’ rhymes so it’s cool. Then our poems have a catchy title..
  8.  Like one of the poem”s title is ‘stars’..relates to dreams n fairy tales doesn’t it? Then the other is ‘beyond’ ..isn’t that like finding out what’s beyond but beyond what? So that will make the reader not being  able to resist it!!


Hope it helps..keep reading our blogs ..they will keep u busy and u won’t be able to resist them..

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Living in a Fantasy

By Kriti Hooja

Remember the days we spent in Paradise,

When we didn’t need no lectures just to open up our eyes.

Roses and tulips and merry green trees,

I thought we were living in a million fantasies.


Remember those days we wished to trot the world,

When we didn’t need to think once, we had a talking bird!

We knew we’d someday go map the seven seas,

I thought we were still living in a million fantasies.


Remember those days when we roamed on the morning grass,

It was a fantasy, we looked at, through the looking glass.

There was music, there was happiness, and then there were dreams,

Yet I thought we were living in a million fantasies.


But now the world has change,

Things are different and strange.

Now we have to think more than thrice,

Maybe now not everything is so nice.

Those days were more perfect for you and me,

I wonder if we’re still living in a fantasy…

Fathers Day!! <3

By Kriti & Vedika


When I remember,

the moments we have spent together…

What comes to my mind is this,

It has been such a merry bliss.

With you always there by my side,

There is, for sure, no need to hide.

Now is the time to ThankYou 😉

Dad, I love you.


Happy Fathers day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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By Vedika ,

Who knows what lies there

In the different world,

Beyond the never-ending sphere of life.

Out of the beautifully crafted universe

In the mind of god,

Where no one can reach

Even those who preach.

In the commotion of this sphere,

Who cares what lies there

Beyond the skies

Far from this materialistic world

Into the hands of the divine.

Why, then thy has given us

All the things we desire?

To seek what lies beyond

Beyond the skies

Beyond the sphere of life

Beyond the ocean of our mind..

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