By Kriti

When the night blends in,

the clouds are no more thin,

The stars forever stay,

Hang there to guide my way.

With a swish and a flick,

even when the clouds go thick,

I know they are still there,

I know they really care.

They shine better than good old Mr. Moon,

I stare at the sky at noon,

waiting for them to shed there light,

To enlighten the blankness in my sight.

I wait for them to light the sky,

without them, it is so dark, I don’t know why,

How do they hang all day long?

But then I remember that long lost song.

Color Blocking!!


By Vedika!

Hey guys,it’s me! and today we have a new fashion advice!!..

This one is gonna be exciting, so tighten your seat belts and get ready..

For all parties,funky places etc. . Anywhere you go, this is just as unique as you and just as perfect..

So, what do you think is color blocking?…color blocking is not wearing monochromatic colors or adding a pop of color..It is completely different and trendy..

Definitely pairing a maroon belt with nude peach romper is cute but what about a red crop top with blue denims and white sneakers? Isn’t that even better?

Color blocking looks cool and you look open and like a bosss!

Personally,I have never really tried it more than once or twice but now it is my new favorite..

Even most of the youtubers these days prefer this new look!..

It was in trend when we go back to 2010s and it looks as if it is returning..

I think we all should be the first ones to set this trend back to life..shouldn’t we?

So,open your closet and pair all clothes with their opposites and go anywhere you like!

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Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!

By Kriti

Even when the skies go grey,

And no matter, come what may.

You know how to shine brighter than the sun,

You aren’t worth no quote, no pun.

And now its time I show my love,

You are prettier than that white peace dove.

The better part I find out of you,

You are as pleasing as the morning dew.

You stand by my side,

With you there’s nothing to hide.

It means nothing to call you Supermom,

You’re better than that,

I love you MOM.

You’re WOW

Happy Mother’s Day to all MOMs reading this!! 🙂

Attack of the Mighty Storm


By Kriti

            We had been offshore since a fortnight. It was like we were in the middle of nowhere. The thundering weather conditions did not suit the Barron (as our ship was called). The waves smashed into each other and pounded on him. The clouds got angry. The mountainous shore was far off and there were no chances we could escape the thunderstorm, which was probably not very far. We had a lavish dinner of rice and fruits. The tides got high and the wind gushed by. We rushed indoors, and the brave Barron fought the storm at all its might. The fight was so insane that it shoved seven of the crew into the mouth of the hungrily roaring sea. Though all the furniture was out of place, the Barron was safe and sound. This turned out to be the least hazardous accident on the way from Puerto Rico to Florida. We were fortunately the only survivors out of the one hundred twenty seven people taking the same routes, which were never heard from again. Let’s hear the whole story of the Barron.

“It was a bright sunny morning, everything seemed pleasant and that made the weather for us to embark on our journey the very ideal weather. We hopped aboard the mighty Barron and were fascinated by its beauty, safety and strength. Many boring days went by and we were still offshore. The weather unexpectedly changed day by day. It was on that day when we had a lavish dinner of sticky rice and juicy fruits. The tides got higher every hour. Wind became a gust and gust became a gale. We knew it was not so safe outdoors, so we decided to rush indoors. A bolt of lightning cut the sky into halves. Barron rumbled and everything inside was out of place. This gave us a hint that an elephantine thunderstorm was not so very far, such that we could escape. The storm struck our surroundings and it shoved seven of the crew into the hungrily roaring sea. It was thirteen hours—exactly thirteen hours within which the Barron proved his bravery and defeated the storm.


By Kriti


There are places you’ve seen,

There are places you’ve been.

And sure!

There are places you dream,

Or ones that might give you a scream.

Oh yes!

There are places mysterious,

Might drag you furious.

But still-

I do love to travel,

Like geese to be gaggle.

To please one depressed,

To make one impressed.

To do some to tasting,

To do some time-wasting.

To look at the greenery,

To enjoy the scenery.


All taxis and airplanes,

All ships and all trains.

Sit down to get tanned,

To drink juices not canned.

To sit on the beach,

Like Buddha to preach.

I really and really have some needs to Travel.

The Crazy Little Frog

By Kriti


Yesterday when I was walking down the road,

My eyes fell on something looking just like a toad.

It was probably not a toad but a frog,

It was soaring on a blackish brownish log.

It had a dull green skin,

Its legs were far too thin.

It jumped along my dress,

It tried to call the press.

And when I asked him why,

He just gave me a sigh.

When the people got around,

They stared at me, standing in the foreground.

And then my eyes awoke,

I remembered that the little frog just spoke!


Teal Appeal

By Vedika Gupta

Teal is a tricky color in trend,though it might go well with colors like white,beige,black of course,orange etc.. There is a great need to understand the traits teal is related to before wearing it and it might as well be used in different styles on different occasions.

Preferably, teal is used as a funky color to be  worn on carnivals or clubs just to show how fun you are and confidence in yourself.

Confidence is associated generally with bold colors like black , blue,  pink etc. Often pairing teal accessories with these bold colors is generally a style statement to state how confident and carefree you are.

It is a color that makes you look versatile,timeless and elegant.

If you go further on this topic, there are different ways to style yourself.

You might try pairing a full sleeve teal shirt with black denims for professional meetings or even pair a plain white t-shirt with funky teal shorts for a fun and casual day. A white short dress with teal accessories for a party.

We can not tell you all the ways but can give you advices like how to pair colors with each other.

In short, it looks descent and can be worn on any occassion.

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Nail Art Trends

By Kriti

Looking out for Summery Nail Art ideas? Here’s a list of top three styles you could add to the ‘Beauty’ of your hands!!

  1. Floral

Try out some floral ideas! Either fill the nail with flowers, or simply add a flower to a single corner. Maybe, colour all nails a fixed colour and paint a single flower on just one attractive nail.

2. French nails

French nails look super-classy on high teas and other formals. This is the simplest way for a quick nail design. Not just to stick to the white, try out new colours by painting just the tips of your nails! Trust me, they look so vintage!

3. Gray Suede

Colours like black go pretty well off with Grey Suede. It looks really nice with a base and the art with black. French nail art can also be tried with a gray base and black tips.


4. Glitter Nails

Glitters are an all-time fave! (For greater details on Shimmer, read our blog Shimmer Hurricane) Shimmery nails are very catchy for Disc-Parties and Girly-Sleepovers. One can either glitter-up all nails or paint just one nail with glitter and the rest with a shade of the glitter, as below! 😉

Pink glitter with pink matte nail paint



#SoCool 😮

Disney v/s HP

By Kriti Hooja

If you’re asked…

Are you a Disney fan?

Are you a Potterhead?

(You’d know that if you are)

And then you’re asked…

Which ONE would you choose?

Its a good question though.

Disney has got series for everybody- Marvel:Avengers, Disney:Princess, Disney:Pixar, and a lot lot more… Though it might sound childish to speak of films like Cinderella, exceptionally the selective movies after Mulan. Taking Harry Potter, it is for all ages. From little kids to big adults, its made for all. Plus, it encourages kids to read more (the character of Hermione Granger).

Did you ever see- Disney is one of the oldest animated filmmakers! Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs was made in 1937!! Well, Harry Potter has been going on just since 1997!! 😀

That’s no reason though for one to like Disney more or HP more 😛 Everyone has their own preferences!

Harry Potter and Disney are two very diverse topics! Hmm..

This was a super hard question to answer but a good reasoning one!


🙂 🙂


Movie or what?


By Vedika Gupta

There I heard a knock on my door, afraid to open the door as my parents were out of town. I stood up from my comfy sofa and moved swiftly to see who was there . Through the peephole , I saw to my relief and surprise my apartment amigo, one of my constants.We have always played together though there have been consequences,we never were apart. I opened the door instantly  and by the time I said anything she had already settled herself on my favoured sofa.

She had already started speaking about the day’s plans because of the absence of my parents and she was already a teen so, she often roamed on her own. I was not allowed outside my home as my parents gave me a boring lecture about safety and security and blah and blah so, we stayed at my home sweet home ❤ and decided to order 2 medium pan pizzas with extra cheese and veggies(Capsicum in abundance) and I had already downloaded the best movies(Despicable me 2,Big hero 6,Intern,Princess diaries, Lara croft) for a fun-filled and eating deliciously made in oven popcorn(lol) movie marathon.

I just ticked on my checklist:

  • Pizza
  • Movies downloaded
  • Popcorn
  • Pendrive inserted
  • Selfie camera (of course)


Everything was done, except getting in our blankets and getting cozy .`oh no!’ shouted kat(thats what I call her)

‘We didn’t get caramel popcorn,I am going to buy one’

‘No wait, I am coming too’ and we set off..I didn’t really think once before leaving the house,not even once!!

We took our cycles and left for the nearby local mart.As you all know how we are ,so we actually spent an hour

Buying candies and bubblegums(I am still practicing though).I bought my favourite tootsies and starbursts whereas she bought all snacks and stuff and we paid almost rupees 400 and left.When we returned,the house was a mess. As I said to give a hint that I didn’t check even once! the microwave was burning and the popcorn was scattered on the floor.

Then?Then what , it was only an hour to 5 and my parents could return any moment. I literally felt like I was in the movie ‘Adventures in Babysitting’..

We both started cleaning up as fast as we ever had and as determined as we ever have been . Kat got a mop and something I don’t know what it is called to clean up the cheese and popcorn while I on the other hand opened the door and windows to let the steam coming from the microwave out to blend in the fresh air. Almost everything was done when I noticed my fridge had been open for hours and rushed to close it. What is left now?I thought loudly but it looked as if everything was done.So, we both settled down again and Started watching the movie ‘Adventures…babysitting’

It was the greatest coincidence I have ever had with any movie

Why are hashtags so popular

By Kriti Hooja and Vedika Gupta



If you’re on social media, you’re most likely to be using many tags like #socool or #bored…

Do you even know what Hashtag means? Four lines sketched across each other in a Tic-Tac-Toe format?

That was simpler! 🙂

These are mostly used for relating the post to some topic! Plus, they look pretty cool! #ExpressAlite

This actually began with twitter, when people actually started using these tags to simplify their intro…


Why do you use them in almost every photo of yours?Any Thoughts on it?Any reason? They are basically cooler for people to use.

What can be the reason?We have thought alot on this topic and really wanted to find who started this trend but it was way to deep.

Hashtag boosts your purpose of the photo and conveys through creating a particular kind of community of similar hashtags.

If you have started thinking that hashtags are orthodox and so don’t want to use them because it will be categorized  uncool then you should definitely use them..Bringing old trends back is a job of trendsetters.Right? Like off shoulders had gone out of trends a long back ago but now it’s so back!




The Dream


By Vedika Gupta

Sitting on a casement,I wondered perplexed and drowned in my thoughts,how life is?…Is it true that a god exists or is it just scientific?..Nah..Science is so boring what’s the point of thinking so much..I thought and thought,it had been an hour now after I had woken up but I didn’t go outside in the hall,it was too early after all. .only 6 pm?..I wanted some time alone and think in front of the nature …Is think I was expecting some signs all along the time when I was surprised to see the continous changing shapes of clouds..It depicted something that looked like a big statue from which rays were emitting and it’s hands looked as if it was granting something to someone who was kneeled on the ground and not looking up..Then he stood up and wings sprouted from its back..The cloud has once more turned to normal shape and in a microsecond it represented something like a barren land and the winged man stood there and it looked as if it sowed the seeds and in a split second large plants grew there and then a sea of animals who rose gradually from underwater to ground..Then the winged man cast me a look and swayed his hands in a order and two people arose ..I think they were probably Adam and Eve and soon a whole world had grown there..To my delightment I had the answers ..I didn’t really care if that was true or my imagination that I saw,It just had been great getting answers from nature when nobody knew the truth and I think it was the same as the dream I saw today and it was probably saved for good vibes and memories in the graceful dream catcher designed by me hung on the ceiling..My mother was already banging on the door probably thinking that I am still fast asleep but I didn’t act any more and rushed to open the door,I thought that I had some questions to ask her and pulled her inside..Her first statement was how could I have woken up so early , avoiding her questions ,my mouth burst open with questions directly shooting at her..She tried to calm me and explained me in the same way the nature had…
From that single day I have been waking up early to ask more questions eagerly to the nature still in hope of getting answered..I really miss the dream of the building of Earth..The most great thing about this has been that as per me I am the first one to be answered by clouds and I think that’s why everyone calls me special..


#inspired from the article ‘Why cloud watching is interesting?'(expressalite)

Is cloud watching interesting?

By Vedika & Kriti

What are clouds exactly?

Water droplets hanging in the air? Duh!

That’s all too sciency!  Clouds are simply white stuff hanging in the blue sky!

Are you interested in Cloud watching? If you’re not, try going out and observe the sky. Look at those #WhiteStuffsHangingInTheBlueSky (clouds! c’mon). They are cute.

Some might see them as a crocodile chasing goldfish (that’s your imagination- they don’t have colours… they’re white!), or cloud castles, or faces! Just don’t limit imagination! Anyone can see anything!

Not to be scientific but FYI ,Sometimes when you might be feeling dejected or gloomy, one of the ways to relax include lying down on wet grass in front of the appealing sky watching the clouds sway..the shapes you see in the clouds are customarily related to your current emotional state.

It is after all a fun way to connect with nature

People have enjoyed cloud watching as a free time pass on a fresh and pleasant day as it has no cost and no bad effects..It’s worth your time

We see the above pic as a cute baby dropping a banana peel!

What do you see in it?


Why humans are attracted towards puppies…

By Vedika and Kriti

What do you think of the pic that features this article? Cute right? well, 85% of people would be going all “Awww ” for that pic. Okay, not stereotyping girls!

All those cute big eyes and big noses and  big heads. They’re adorable.

After all, who’s Man’s Best Friend??? Yes! Our little canine pals!

The main reason of our obsession towards owning one of these cutsies is their attraction towards us. Also, we humans are so super melodramatic with a HUGE emotional mass that our heart becomes so heavy (LOL)!

Most of us might want to cuddle in our beds with them, or perhaps pet them (taking advantage of the soft fur). Well, they are possibly the cutest and trendiest animal to be owned!!

here’s a treat:

They are soo cute!!!

Shimmer Hurricane

By Vedika Gupta

Its time to break out fashion’s sparkliest adornment, sparkles and sequins….In short it pulls off the runway look because it has glamour and pop. They add a wonderful glow to our look.They add a razzle dazzle to the outfit as well as the person…. Sequins are fun and there is no better reason to wear them… Whether you have an edgier fashion style or girly vibes, Sequins have it all for you. It enlightens our personality and are high street fashion .

Its all about a bling ding..Dazzleberries!

2018-04-08 12.46.04
Created with Fashion Star Boutique


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  1. Scribble challenge

Use these uploaded scribble and make something out of them! Or maybe, close your eyes and play some music and scribble with the flow!

You never need to be a professional to try out scribble challenges. We’re aren’t no professionals either!


1. Easy 2. Hard

Chocolate Day

By Kriti Hooja

It started off like any other regular school day. Mum and Dad were out for a week. Siya and I made ourselves hot Chocolate and left for the bus stop with an energy bar stuffed into our mouth. All that was strange that day were the clouds- their dingy, charcoal colour. We tried to be ignorant and hopped onto our bus.

Time at school just flew by without having itself noticed. We were left at the lonely bus stop with no one at any corner. Our loneliness was increased seeing the sky gloomier. Our unread behaviour continued towards the strangest sky ever. “I say,” Siya started to put an end to our silence. “I’d click a front page picture for our class magazine this time!” I added, “C’mon, there’ve got to be millions who would’ve clicked this sky before you, my Dear-Miss-Cover-Page-Winner!” and both of us laughed for some time. We were home, a lot, lot before we had expected to reach. The door clicked open and we rushed to our rooms. The day had been oddly tiring, making bookworms like me and Siya fall almost asleep. I was nearly about to doze off when Siya rushed in and started blabbering about how she was just so mad about Chocolate and how much she expected I did so too. “Get to the point!” I cried. And then, she moved towards the window and opened the curtains and revealed the reason behind her reasoning. The sight was jaw-dropping. I motioned for the windowsill and opened it up to push my hand out. A drop of sticky brown substance fell onto my palm. I smelt it, cocoa perhaps. I picked it up and popped it into my mouth and enjoyed the flavour of pure dark Chocolate melt into my mouth. “Is this another prank of yours?” and Siya shrugged to show that she was clueless. I passed her another drop on my finger so as she could lick it, but she moved aside and showed me a glass with a few drops of chocolate sticking to its sides and she licked her lips.

Just then I remembered something and flashed downstairs and thanked that our house was elevated such that the Chocolate won’t pour in. We both wore our lilac gumboots and jumped out from the stairs in front of our front door, into slimy, muddy liquid, which we informally call ‘Chocolate’. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the way I disagreed the fact that it maybe once rained tadpoles in Japan! Very soon, 3D, colourful ovals started to fall on our faces. Some kid from our neighbourhood threw ten of them in one go and they turned out to be Gems (the chocolaty edible somethings) after professional consultancy of our mega taste recogniser- Siya!!!!  We played a lot and enjoyed the best hours of the year, or maybe most chocolaty hours of the year.

Soon, we realised, it was a big, sticky, messy mess! All of us forgot how we loved Chocolate two hours twenty four minutes ago. I called up  a few of my pals who swam on their cycles up to my neighbourhood. We worked together the whole weekend to clean up our city with the help of a hundred others to get everything back to normal.

A surprise awaited Mom-Dad at home. The minute they entered, they counter-signed around twelve barrels of Chocolate (C7H8N4O2) lying in their bedroom! Well, it wasn’t with just us! It was with every ‘Loners-for-the-weeks’. It was seriously all finished two months after that incident. One suggestion- If Chocolate falls; stay indoors, if you don’t, be ready to have Chocolate as your three meals a day.


Grandma’s Attic

By Kriti Hooja

I’ve always been wondering what’s in Grandma’s attic. She has never let anyone in. Last week, Grandma wasn’t keeping well. She called me, “Sarah, come here!” I dashed into her room as she continued, “could you please fetch me a book labelled A LOVELY STORY from my attic? I’d like narrating it to you. There would be a mammoth book shelf on which would be kept the book in the topmost shelf. Take this key.” She handed me the key to her attic. I rushed to the attic floor, where were many attics. I opened Grandma’s attic which was pretty dark and dull, with no bulb. I took out my pocket watch to light my way.

At the very entrance, there were several cartons labelled, ‘ZAMBIA’, ‘ZIMBABWE’, ‘KENYA’, ‘MALAWI’, ‘ENGLAND’, ‘FRANCE’, ‘NEW ZEALAND’, ‘CANADA’, ‘SPAIN’, ‘TURKEY’, and many more. Out of curiosity, I opened one and found souvenirs like Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty. Grandma was perhaps very fond of travelling!

Suddenly, I tumbled over a box labelled ‘JEWELLERY’. I opened it. It was filled with gold, diamond, rubies, emerald and colourful crystals.

Beside this, was kept a Ballerina on a stage. I turned the key and it danced gracefully.

Then, there was a shelf. It wasn’t a bookshelf. It had many framed pictures. I saw that they were all mine- from my birth till present. All the cards I gave Grandma were also there.

I toppled over another carton labelled ‘MEMORIES (They included those of my Grandpa). I opened it and there were all the gifts given by Grandpa to Grandma.

At last! After tripping over a hundreds of boxes, I saw a humongous book shelf. I had a breath of relief seeing a monstrous, dull brown book labelled ‘A LOVELY STORY’. I jumped and caught hold of it. I rushed out of the attic, making sure that I locked the door firmly, towards Grandma’s room. “Why did you take so long?” asked Grandma. I narrated the whole story to her and now, I know why she didn’t let us in GRANDMA’S ATTIC.

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