Nail Art Trends

By Kriti

Looking out for Summery Nail Art ideas? Here’s a list of top three styles you could add to the ‘Beauty’ of your hands!!

  1. Floral

Try out some floral ideas! Either fill the nail with flowers, or simply add a flower to a single corner. Maybe, colour all nails a fixed colour and paint a single flower on just one attractive nail.

2. French nails

French nails look super-classy on high teas and other formals. This is the simplest way for a quick nail design. Not just to stick to the white, try out new colours by painting just the tips of your nails! Trust me, they look so vintage!

3. Gray Suede

Colours like black go pretty well off with Grey Suede. It looks really nice with a base and the art with black. French nail art can also be tried with a gray base and black tips.


4. Glitter Nails

Glitters are an all-time fave! (For greater details on Shimmer, read our blog Shimmer Hurricane) Shimmery nails are very catchy for Disc-Parties and Girly-Sleepovers. One can either glitter-up all nails or paint just one nail with glitter and the rest with a shade of the glitter, as below! 😉

Pink glitter with pink matte nail paint



#SoCool 😮


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  1. Scribble challenge

Use these uploaded scribble and make something out of them! Or maybe, close your eyes and play some music and scribble with the flow!

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