Some people cry
 They have their own reasons
Some people are happy outside
But broken inside
 Some are strong
Some are bold
 Some get affected by a little cold
Some would praise the little things
 Some would just ignore
 Some can laugh
Some cant even pass a smile
Some are always happy
 Some can be crappy
 In this world of some-some
How about we try to be one

A Perfect Illusion

By- Vedika

 Im not alone on this big planet
 This big universe
I see people around me everyday
Wherever I go,Everyone follows their own way
 And I think its only me,alone
 As if you are all an illusion
Maybe I am hallucinating
The bustle in the streets
The everyday hustle
People come and go
But we all are rowing the same boat
The boat of life
 I dont expect everyone to always stick around
Life is like a merry-go-round
Its gonna continue
There will be ups and downs
But we’ll get through it without frowns
We might hit an iceberg
But some part of us will always remain Safe
And there,we rebuild our life again
The cycle goes on
As long as you dont think you are alone
Because there are always people
And there are many ways one can go
And at the end of each way,there is always a pot
The pot may not have gold but it has what you need to live,support
We are often confused
Instead try to be amused
Things might be absurd
Remember, life’s like a surd
No matter how much you try,
It doesn’t simplify
But remember,at the end of each way
There will be a someone
Who will never leave you alone

I Just Wish…

Before I met you,
I was a mess
Or to be fair,
A damsel in distress

My life was intense
I was unable to express
The importance of our friendsip

I just wish that I had confessed sooner
Because now I hold everything in regret

I miss every single second  of those moments

I just wish that you could have known this sooner
And I would be hugging you and not your grave

A Tantalizing Tale

By Vedika

My eyes stared unblinkingly on the evocative sheet,

When the tale stopped my heartbeat.

As my mind dived deeper into the touching tale of the father and daughter,

My morose spirit shine brighter.

My mind felt lost as my soul drifted into the captivating book.

The enchanting storyline enhanced the dull look.

And at last,

When his daughter held his hands,

It made all the stories fade of the fantasy dreamland.




As once more,I hear the resonance of twirling sheets,

The youthful fragment of my heart beats.

As I see those sophomores full of zeal,

I try to relive the memories sealed.

As I hear the clinking of pens and pencils striking each other,

The envelope of sealed memories opens further.

As I witness the girls’ catfights on the street side,

Recollections inside my heart flow out like tides.

There are no simple words to describe the feeling,

As my childhood glides into my dreams.

This Moment

By Kriti

Just like any other, the moment drifted away,

Never had I seen such joy in the air, the trees- their sway…

My eyes blinked as the time passed by,

I could hear the melody of nature die.

Under the light blue sky as I lay,

How I wish this moment was meant to stay.

I heard the birds chirping in the silence of the day,

Just like any other moment, this one too, drifted away.

As on my face I felt the soothing breeze,

I saw the sunshine through the merry green trees.

It felt like in seconds it flew by,

The grass under my feet was no more dry.

Drops of water tickled on my face,

I watched as the droplets fell down with such grace.

I sat there as the moment drifted away,

How I wish that this moment was meant to stay…

The Gingerbread Man

By Kriti and Vedika


I see a red nose,

I see it coming close…

There’s something that’s not on it’s place

then it punches me in the face.


I see your yellow eyes,

I love your Halloween disguise!

I feel there’s something in the air,

Now my story’s changing gear.


I can see your feet,

I don’t think they are complete

You need to add some feel

why don’t you wear some heels?

Stop, now the humor’s dying out,

Oh! The lights are out.







I see your ginger hair

Are you a Weasley? But that’s not fair

Are you a ginger? Are you a bread?  Are you a man?






Living in a Fantasy

By Kriti Hooja

Remember the days we spent in Paradise,

When we didn’t need no lectures just to open up our eyes.

Roses and tulips and merry green trees,

I thought we were living in a million fantasies.


Remember those days we wished to trot the world,

When we didn’t need to think once, we had a talking bird!

We knew we’d someday go map the seven seas,

I thought we were still living in a million fantasies.


Remember those days when we roamed on the morning grass,

It was a fantasy, we looked at, through the looking glass.

There was music, there was happiness, and then there were dreams,

Yet I thought we were living in a million fantasies.


But now the world has change,

Things are different and strange.

Now we have to think more than thrice,

Maybe now not everything is so nice.

Those days were more perfect for you and me,

I wonder if we’re still living in a fantasy…

Fathers Day!! <3

By Kriti & Vedika


When I remember,

the moments we have spent together…

What comes to my mind is this,

It has been such a merry bliss.

With you always there by my side,

There is, for sure, no need to hide.

Now is the time to ThankYou 😉

Dad, I love you.


Happy Fathers day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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By Vedika ,

Who knows what lies there

In the different world,

Beyond the never-ending sphere of life.

Out of the beautifully crafted universe

In the mind of god,

Where no one can reach

Even those who preach.

In the commotion of this sphere,

Who cares what lies there

Beyond the skies

Far from this materialistic world

Into the hands of the divine.

Why, then thy has given us

All the things we desire?

To seek what lies beyond

Beyond the skies

Beyond the sphere of life

Beyond the ocean of our mind..


By Kriti

When the night blends in,

the clouds are no more thin,

The stars forever stay,

Hang there to guide my way.

With a swish and a flick,

even when the clouds go thick,

I know they are still there,

I know they really care.

They shine better than good old Mr. Moon,

I stare at the sky at noon,

waiting for them to shed there light,

To enlighten the blankness in my sight.

I wait for them to light the sky,

without them, it is so dark, I don’t know why,

How do they hang all day long?

But then I remember that long lost song.

Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!

By Kriti

Even when the skies go grey,

And no matter, come what may.

You know how to shine brighter than the sun,

You aren’t worth no quote, no pun.

And now its time I show my love,

You are prettier than that white peace dove.

The better part I find out of you,

You are as pleasing as the morning dew.

You stand by my side,

With you there’s nothing to hide.

It means nothing to call you Supermom,

You’re better than that,

I love you MOM.

You’re WOW

Happy Mother’s Day to all MOMs reading this!! 🙂


By Kriti


There are places you’ve seen,

There are places you’ve been.

And sure!

There are places you dream,

Or ones that might give you a scream.

Oh yes!

There are places mysterious,

Might drag you furious.

But still-

I do love to travel,

Like geese to be gaggle.

To please one depressed,

To make one impressed.

To do some to tasting,

To do some time-wasting.

To look at the greenery,

To enjoy the scenery.


All taxis and airplanes,

All ships and all trains.

Sit down to get tanned,

To drink juices not canned.

To sit on the beach,

Like Buddha to preach.

I really and really have some needs to Travel.

The Crazy Little Frog

By Kriti


Yesterday when I was walking down the road,

My eyes fell on something looking just like a toad.

It was probably not a toad but a frog,

It was soaring on a blackish brownish log.

It had a dull green skin,

Its legs were far too thin.

It jumped along my dress,

It tried to call the press.

And when I asked him why,

He just gave me a sigh.

When the people got around,

They stared at me, standing in the foreground.

And then my eyes awoke,

I remembered that the little frog just spoke!


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