Words of a Leading Designer

By Vedika-

In a session with Indias leading fashion designer and founder of Gurukul School  of Design ,Mr.Raghvendra Rathore enlightens us with moral values that he learned from his journey.From the town of jodhpur in Rajasthan to becoming a fashion designer

Teaching us priceless values like doing things that Contribute to the agenda of your life for
You have no boundaries in this universe and to think that you cannot compete with people who are already at the peak of their career is just stopping you from being who you were meant to be.

According to him the Glamour world is a reflection of your own agendas.You need to start imagining things that you want to do and the universe will open up

He says”I was an introvert,And to be propelled into the universe of fashion was a difficult task
I was away from india for 8 to 9 years which boldened me before I entered the glamour world when I came to delhi”
“The journalists and critics throwing opinions at you.As you go farther on the way to success there are just more and more obstacles,there are haters but you have to go through it all and try again and again”


When asked that what does he feel on the ramp and all the spotlights on him , he says
“The ramp walk is like a medicine that reassures you that u have to do it again  and again ”
His brand is synonymous with heritage and the jodhpuri culture.
Personal moment of glory for him:
Being asked to fly on the fastest plane to paris to drop fabrics before a fashion show.
Mr Valentino sitting 4 feet away and asking him to pin a skirt on a model to make it look beautiful
He forgot who he was while doing this task in front of a tycoon.His hands were trembling but it was a proud moment for him.

The difference between a designer and a artist:

“Designer is a commercial pursuit of wealth and an artist tries to showcase how they see the world through their art”

Remember that the universe will open up opportunities as soon as you work towards the agenda of your life.


The Gingerbread Man

By Kriti and Vedika


I see a red nose,

I see it coming close…

There’s something that’s not on it’s place

then it punches me in the face.


I see your yellow eyes,

I love your Halloween disguise!

I feel there’s something in the air,

Now my story’s changing gear.


I can see your feet,

I don’t think they are complete

You need to add some feel

why don’t you wear some heels?

Stop, now the humor’s dying out,

Oh! The lights are out.







I see your ginger hair

Are you a Weasley? But that’s not fair

Are you a ginger? Are you a bread?  Are you a man?






Fathers Day!! <3

By Kriti & Vedika


When I remember,

the moments we have spent together…

What comes to my mind is this,

It has been such a merry bliss.

With you always there by my side,

There is, for sure, no need to hide.

Now is the time to ThankYou 😉

Dad, I love you.


Happy Fathers day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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By Kriti

When the night blends in,

the clouds are no more thin,

The stars forever stay,

Hang there to guide my way.

With a swish and a flick,

even when the clouds go thick,

I know they are still there,

I know they really care.

They shine better than good old Mr. Moon,

I stare at the sky at noon,

waiting for them to shed there light,

To enlighten the blankness in my sight.

I wait for them to light the sky,

without them, it is so dark, I don’t know why,

How do they hang all day long?

But then I remember that long lost song.

Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!

By Kriti

Even when the skies go grey,

And no matter, come what may.

You know how to shine brighter than the sun,

You aren’t worth no quote, no pun.

And now its time I show my love,

You are prettier than that white peace dove.

The better part I find out of you,

You are as pleasing as the morning dew.

You stand by my side,

With you there’s nothing to hide.

It means nothing to call you Supermom,

You’re better than that,

I love you MOM.

You’re WOW

Happy Mother’s Day to all MOMs reading this!! 🙂

Chocolate Day

By Kriti Hooja

It started off like any other regular school day. Mum and Dad were out for a week. Siya and I made ourselves hot Chocolate and left for the bus stop with an energy bar stuffed into our mouth. All that was strange that day were the clouds- their dingy, charcoal colour. We tried to be ignorant and hopped onto our bus.

Time at school just flew by without having itself noticed. We were left at the lonely bus stop with no one at any corner. Our loneliness was increased seeing the sky gloomier. Our unread behaviour continued towards the strangest sky ever. “I say,” Siya started to put an end to our silence. “I’d click a front page picture for our class magazine this time!” I added, “C’mon, there’ve got to be millions who would’ve clicked this sky before you, my Dear-Miss-Cover-Page-Winner!” and both of us laughed for some time. We were home, a lot, lot before we had expected to reach. The door clicked open and we rushed to our rooms. The day had been oddly tiring, making bookworms like me and Siya fall almost asleep. I was nearly about to doze off when Siya rushed in and started blabbering about how she was just so mad about Chocolate and how much she expected I did so too. “Get to the point!” I cried. And then, she moved towards the window and opened the curtains and revealed the reason behind her reasoning. The sight was jaw-dropping. I motioned for the windowsill and opened it up to push my hand out. A drop of sticky brown substance fell onto my palm. I smelt it, cocoa perhaps. I picked it up and popped it into my mouth and enjoyed the flavour of pure dark Chocolate melt into my mouth. “Is this another prank of yours?” and Siya shrugged to show that she was clueless. I passed her another drop on my finger so as she could lick it, but she moved aside and showed me a glass with a few drops of chocolate sticking to its sides and she licked her lips.

Just then I remembered something and flashed downstairs and thanked that our house was elevated such that the Chocolate won’t pour in. We both wore our lilac gumboots and jumped out from the stairs in front of our front door, into slimy, muddy liquid, which we informally call ‘Chocolate’. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the way I disagreed the fact that it maybe once rained tadpoles in Japan! Very soon, 3D, colourful ovals started to fall on our faces. Some kid from our neighbourhood threw ten of them in one go and they turned out to be Gems (the chocolaty edible somethings) after professional consultancy of our mega taste recogniser- Siya!!!!  We played a lot and enjoyed the best hours of the year, or maybe most chocolaty hours of the year.

Soon, we realised, it was a big, sticky, messy mess! All of us forgot how we loved Chocolate two hours twenty four minutes ago. I called up  a few of my pals who swam on their cycles up to my neighbourhood. We worked together the whole weekend to clean up our city with the help of a hundred others to get everything back to normal.

A surprise awaited Mom-Dad at home. The minute they entered, they counter-signed around twelve barrels of Chocolate (C7H8N4O2) lying in their bedroom! Well, it wasn’t with just us! It was with every ‘Loners-for-the-weeks’. It was seriously all finished two months after that incident. One suggestion- If Chocolate falls; stay indoors, if you don’t, be ready to have Chocolate as your three meals a day.


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