By Riya Bawri


Life is like a story
With casino as the setting
Where everyone is fretting
For merely some money

Humans are the protagonists
Failure is their antagonist
Success is the plot
Available only for a particular slot

A simple loss
But everyone blames fate
Even though they know the cause
That it’s because of their own traits

Absence of luck is the only dilemma
With death as the climax.
Let mourning be the result
Be optimistic is the moral

And the End..




At this particular moment in time
The most negative is the very positive
A simple touch is the causative

I feel like a prisoner
Locked inside a room
With no visitor
Being alive through zoom

I wanna go outside
To hear the blissful tide
To enjoy my school days
And live life my ways

But here i lay
Being all so nostalgic
With hundreds of memories crisscrossing like a pathway
Of my world which was so exotic

If you are having any second thoughts
No, I am not in a dystopian world
It’s just a simple “pandemic”
Which seems like the end of the world

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