6 Must-reads for potterheads!!

By Vedika

Hey potterheads! EXCLUSIVE EXCLUSIVE ..Must reads for you are here..You are honestly gonna love them.. I am still reading my series tho I have read it 2 times(yes , Im crazy about it) but sure you guys will love more such books that appeal to your interests…Here we go!!-

1.The magicians –– This book is about a boy who attends a magic college in New York and he and his friends go on an adventure in search of a magical land but what they find is more than they bargained for..

Its about another magical journey with friends and bravery..dont forget -“Books and cleverness?..there are more important things , friendship and bravery”..

2.The Hunger games-– About a dystopic world after the apocalypse , nation of Panem attempts to maintain order and control by having an annual Hunger Games, an event in which children fight to the death until only one stands. Katniss Everdeen takes part in the games to save her sister, resulting in a awesome (horrifying) adventure..It is just like the triwizard tournament tho we dont have to use the ageing potion herešŸ˜‚

3.Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children- Amazing! After a domestic tragedy, Jacob travels to an abandoned orphanage,but finds the children in the room peculiar and almost alive..It has a band of children with fantastic powers saving the world, mentors who turn into animals, time travel and other sorts of transportation, the idea that you could grow up as usual and become unusual, young love and all sorts of thing that potterheads could want!..

4.Radiance– Its about a girl who travels to a faraway spot for picnic with her parents, there she gets lost(she dies) and she has 2 choices..To go into the world of the dead or remain lost..Its all about the world of the dead and has amazing story of her life as a dead person..The world is just parallel to our world except for the types of people living there..Its all about how she gets magical powers and what she does with them..Its a must read!!

5.The Mortal Instruments-Ā Ā It’s a magical series except that instead of wizards, there are shadow hunters who hunt vampires and demons of all kinds..It’s about a girl called clary fray who discovers that her mother was a shadow hunter and this had been hidden from her for 12 to 13 years…It’s all about her adventures as a mortal shadowhunter and many secrets will be unveiled on the way..It is a series of 5 books and is as magical as any other..

6.Summer Camp Secrets-Ā A collection of awesome books which has flavours of summer camp, cliques,friendship, dating, fun and many more..It is all about the best buddies living in different areas of world who reunite each year at a summer camp and pave way for their growing friendship..

You are going to love them cause they are mostly about magical world’s and adventuresĀ  with many secrets along the way!!.


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