Facing Writer’s Block

By Kriti and Vedika

What to write when you seriously don’t know WHAT TO WRITE?

This is the biggest question every beginning writer needs to ask now or later.

So, here are a few ideas you could probably use to get what to write.

  1. Firstly, you SHOULD carry a small notepad along with you. Mostly because creativity and imagination are the two things that can strike anytime. Then, you could write your ideas in one place and assemble them whenever you are free!
  2. What I usually do when I’m writing my fashion articles is that I see the latest fashion shows ..well most of those that I see have absurd clothes and silly things n I’m not recommending those untrendy trends to u..so watch the shows.. learn about the designers ..Read their blogs and then decide upon the best trend..
  3. If u think you are a good writer then a cup of coffee and a pen and diary in ur hand in front of a good sight . You will automatically start writing a poem or story..
  4. Now what else is important?? Ya right, we are currently doing article writing in our class and the topics are of the current problems like obesity n other things but to make it interesting, write about the current issues with a relation to someone popular whose life people would love to know about..that will spice up ur writing skills and intimidate the readers.
  5. In continuation to the last point ..write about the athleisure life of fit celebs or the beauty tips given by them..I swear it will get u more and more subscribers.
  6. Now though this is not about what u will write but how will u make the readers read ur article..Recently in a YouTube video I saw that they used a title like ‘Hair disaster ‘ so that people watch that video but in reality there was nothing like it..Don’t do that exactly but use a catchy title and the context should be similar obviously ..
  7. Continuing, My fashion articles always have a catchy title like ‘teal appeal’ ..it rhymes so it’s cool. Then our poems have a catchy title..
  8. ¬†Like one of the poem”s title is ‘stars’..relates to dreams n fairy tales doesn’t it? Then the other is ‘beyond’ ..isn’t that like finding out what’s beyond but beyond what? So that will make the reader not being¬† able to resist it!!


Hope it helps..keep reading our blogs ..they will keep u busy and u won’t be able to resist them..

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