How to increase the visitors on your blog??

By vedika

Talking personally as well as publicly , we always wish we had more visitors and followers and that has not happened yet . So before we move on to our topic for the day, make sure to follow us!! r gonna love it,literally. Now the ways which I am gonna write will be tried by us as well ..

  • Publicity- So, the most easiest is sharing ur blog links on ur social media accounts like on or  or ..Now u must have already done that but It was a duty to tell this even tho its the commonest things bcuz I can’t miss out a thing I know.
  • Backlinking- Use Backlinking as much as possible that is , use additional links to different sites on ur posts that increases the chance to be shown often on Google. Eg. I’m writing this blog because of Mahira cuz she told me about Backlinking. And right now i am actually publicising for her as well it is benefitting make sure that u create back links as well as  get featured in backlinks
  • Type of posts- Now what u post, use catchy titles and things like tips to rock at school, back to school hacks etc. Ur views depend on Ur matter..
  • Intervals- It also depends on how often u post..The more often Ur site updates , the more chances it has of being featured on Google on top pages.
  • Creation- Well u should know what kind of site it is..The design , the matter, the ways u entertain Ur readers..For more tips on that see-

See I am using back linking back to back😂..get that?..

Okay I’m being really unhumourous cuz my humour is very unhumourous😂..I will stop now…

  • Following- Follow as many bloggers as you can on WordPress and they might view ur site and if ur site is good then, u have a follower..congrats!!

Hoping that this helped..


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