A Perfect Illusion

By- Vedika

 Im not alone on this big planet
 This big universe
I see people around me everyday
Wherever I go,Everyone follows their own way
 And I think its only me,alone
 As if you are all an illusion
Maybe I am hallucinating
The bustle in the streets
The everyday hustle
People come and go
But we all are rowing the same boat
The boat of life
 I dont expect everyone to always stick around
Life is like a merry-go-round
Its gonna continue
There will be ups and downs
But we’ll get through it without frowns
We might hit an iceberg
But some part of us will always remain Safe
And there,we rebuild our life again
The cycle goes on
As long as you dont think you are alone
Because there are always people
And there are many ways one can go
And at the end of each way,there is always a pot
The pot may not have gold but it has what you need to live,support
We are often confused
Instead try to be amused
Things might be absurd
Remember, life’s like a surd
No matter how much you try,
It doesn’t simplify
But remember,at the end of each way
There will be a someone
Who will never leave you alone

Author: Expressalite

We are 2 friends who teamed up and combined our interests to form a mix flavoured blog..including poems,stories,arts,fashion blogs,tips,articles and what not!

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